The Cantina del Castello

The winery is where the grapes, which have been carefully grown in the vineyards, are transformed into wine.

The Cantina del Castello is tucked away in the heart of the picturesque Medieval village of Soave, whose secrets are protected by imposing Medieval walls and closely guarded by the medieval Scaligero Castle, and flanked by fascinating hills.


The precise location of the Cantina del Castello is the Sanbonifacio Count’s Palace in Corte Pittora 5, a majestic building whose origins date back to the 13th century.

The winery embodies the perfect synthesis between tradition, which oozes from the very walls of the building, and modern technology used in winemaking itself.

Legend has it that the tunnel located underneath the palace was once used as a secret passageway leading to the castle itself.  In fact, this is why the winery takes the name, Cantina del Castello, meaning the Castle Winery.

Today you can visit the entrance to the tunnel in the old cellar, where the delicious sweet Recioto wine is left to age.

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In the picture: owner and winemaker Arturo Stocchetti, the custodian of the Soave tradition