Arturo Stocchetti

«Winemaking is an art that requires knowledge, know-how and experience, in addition to patience, dedication and attention to detail. These are the qualities that support us in our production of Soave…»

Arturo Stocchetti with Akio, the mascotte of the Cantina del Castello

The Cantina del Castello was founded in the 1960s. Yet it has achieved its current splendour under the guidance of Arturo

Stocchetti, who has been producing wine according to the noble Soave winemaking tradition since the eighties.

While Arturo sets great store in his passion for wine and respect for historical tradition, he also believes wholeheartedly in the fundamental  importance of technological innovation and research, which he combines to make exquisite and elegant fine wines. This enables him to respect the typical flavours of the region and at the same time continuously enhance and refine its peculiarities. Whether Arturo is picking grapes or bottling wine, he never forgets the importance of conveying the heritage of Soave through his work, producing wines that express the typical characteristics of the volcanic earth in which they are grown.